Practice Fees

Fees will vary according to the time and treatment necessary. Patients are required to settle their account at the time of consultation.

Medicare claims can be made directly at the time of payment. Medicare will deposit the refund directly into your bank account if you have registered your bank details with them through My Gov.

For advice on out-of-pocket costs when seeing your GP or being referred to a specialist, please speak to our reception staff.

Our consultation fees for common items are as follows:
Standard (15 min) | Medicare Rebate
$83 | $39.10
Under 16 & Over 65 concession card holders | Medicare Rebate
$73 | $39.10
Long (30 min) | Medicare Rebate
$148 | $75.75
Telephone consult| Medicare Rebate
$83| $39.10
Mental Health Plan (20 min) | Medicare Rebate
$148 | $94.50
Mental Health Plan (40 min) | Medicare Rebate
$225 | $139.55
Implanon Insertion | Medicare Rebate
$86.00 | $37.05
Implanon Removal | Medicare Rebate
$110.50 | $63.20
Iron Infusion (Equiv. Long Consult)
$148 + $20 Treatment room fee

Please do not attend the practice if you have fever or flu-like symptoms such as sore throat or cough, please inform our reception staff and they will arrange a telehealth appointment for you, with one of our Doctors.
The Doctor may be able to help you with your problem without physically seeing you, including arranging any necessary tests, prescriptions or work certificates – Please be advised that telehealth appointments may incur a private fee.
Should you have a telehealth appointment booked please ensure that your phone is charged and near you.
If the doctor determines you need to be seen in person then an appointment will be arranged for you to attend the practice.